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AMA with Matic News – 12th November 2022

This post is a summary of our AMA together with Matic News that took place on 12th November 2022 on their Telegram channel.

Question: Let’s start with your and your team’s introduction! Which are your past experiences and roles? How many members currently work on X3Defi?

Answer: We currently have 3 members in x3defi. I will start with @d3xcal he has been in defi for about a year.  learned a lot in MMF, but formally began with work in web3 in June. He took on a community management role at dark crystal which expanded into a more complex role managing plans, logistics, and communications for their team until recently when he decided it was time to make something myself.

@drabgahc  Joined the crypto world as an investor in 2018. Prior to that, he had grown two tech companies from 0 to 7-digit revenues. Since 2020 ben has been involved in DeFi projects – initially as an investor, and later as a team member and owner. He heavily focuses on marketing and content creation because he genuinely believes that DeFi has the power to change the world.

Ace has been in crypto since 2017, has been an investor in many different areas of crypto, and helped a handful of devs with the start of their project now my vision is to create an environment for investors to enjoy daily 🙂

Question: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any backup story?

Answer: x3defi is our whole ecosystem with DarkX being the stepping stone to a great beginning we will be providing multiple elements in defi for our investors to stay engaged daily and endorsing other projects to join us on our journey.

Question: Please introduce us your “superpower” native token!

Answer: Darkx is our native token to our ecosystem it will be capped at 14mil we are first prioritizing utility for Darkx so when it has solid grounds there will be multiple reasons to be providing liquidity to guarantee the price appreciation. Holders will also benefit to join our learning academy where I will be personally sharing key important information in crypto as well as how to maximize your earnings in x3defi ecosystem.

Question: Which projects can we expect to see in your ecosystem?

Answer: Once our dex launches after our tomb fork we have unique ideas for wl projects and have been speaking with NFT projects to launch on our dex using our tokens to mint and thriving for gamefi partners so we can see our token on multiple platforms to increase daily volume we also have plans to use swap fees to purchase irl automated companies so revenue can be distributed in profitable ways within our ecosystem.

Question: Is there any eta for when is the genesis?

Answer: We are launching Darkx on Monday at 6 pm UTC we are looking to have our genesis ready to participate by November 27th or December 2nd.

Question: Will be any DAO fund?

Answer: Yes there will be a DAO fund we want to launch a 2nd boardroom within the same tomb so we can have multi-peg running with our dex so our treasury is instantly exposed to multiple assets.

Question: Right now there are any few projects on the chain, will you use any NFTs integration?

Answer: With our first line of NFTs that will generate passive income we are in talks about making a downloadable game in 2023 which is in the air still. we want to endorse games that payout as well as help with tournaments

we aim to have mints happen within our dex for new projects that enter the space so we can assist NFT projects on their roadmap as many lacks to have prizes that are worth achieving for.

Question: Now that everything is clear, how can we join your protocol?

Answer: Our launch will happen on quickswap exchange at 6pm UTC Monday and for anyone who is unaware of the network we will assist in adding Matic network 👍

Question: Next is tokenomics! What is yours and why did you choose it?

Answer: For darkx we are sticking with standard tokenomics like BTC with a small supply capped at 14 million we are going to have a lot of utility that will make the supply  short very quickly as well we will have node pairs that will lock darkx away with more deflation measures.

Question: Besides this, how is revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used for future development?

Answer: At first we are adding a small tax of 4/6% buy & sell fee on darkx until we near the tomb fork then reducing to 1% so we can keep a steady growth for darkx and our dao fund will be exposed to multiple assets that will be swapped on our dex that we want to use the fees for partnership as well  to secure irl business for darkx ecosystem so during bear markets like the one we just went through there is still a significant amount of daily volume pouring back in for investors to benefit.

Question: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs: are there any audits or KYC planned?

Answer: Yes at first going forward the contracts were using have been audited in the past but will be getting our own audits as well as renouncing pools for the tomb fork. Regarding KYC we are open to it and looking to put our KYC on our website or present in some way will have a date when it’s published.

Question: Great confirmation to hear. Especially for users who didn’t use before your protocol. Which are the actual partners/ which is the marketing plan to attract more investors in the future?

Answer: We are looking into having a genesis pool up for a partner project to start and in talks with an NFT project as well.  irl advertising to be exposed to a broad audience of daily internet users which has a lot of work to be done on.

Question: Talking about the future, do you have a road map or long-term plans that you can share with us?

Answer: Yes we plan to start the new year with our dex maybe sooner with our multi peg following up with partnerships launching around that timeline continuing into 2023 q2 we want to start seeking more partnerships within gamefi space so we can host a game tournament for a prize by the summer with more info and time spent on our NFT game we will have a better timeline for it with the expansion of more utility for our ecosystem during q3-q4.

We will be updating our roadmap soon so we can give a brief viewing of our roadmap into 2024 as we plan to have irl benefits for darkx as well as continuing to grow our ecosystem it’s a lot to summarize and a thrill of an adventure to be apart of.


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