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Weekly Project Update 1st January 23 — Roadmap, Yield Farming & DARKX Staking

We believe that transparency and communication are two essential aspects of decentralized finance projects. That’s why we decided to invest more time and effort in keeping the community updated. Therefore, we will release a weekly project update summarizing the latest developments and providing an outlook on what to expect in the upcoming week. So let’s dive into the first issue of the X3DEFI Weekly Project Update!

What happened the last week?

Although the last days of a year are usually unspectacular, we can look back at some fantastic achievements and milestones. Here are some highlights:

Successful xFactory boardroom launch on Polygon

As you may remember, we had some issues when initially launching xFactory’s boardroom. Therefore, we were excited about the relaunch and thrilled to have a super smooth and successful launch this time. The boardroom launched on the 24th of December at 0:00 am UTC and was a perfect Christmas present for our community.

Bootstrapped epochs — almost 190K XONE tokens printed!

When preparing the boardroom relaunch, we decided to have 28 bootstrapped epochs, meaning the boardroom will print XONE rewards regardless of XONE’s TWAP. As a result, the boardroom printed almost 190,000 XONE tokens and maintained APRs higher than 20% daily!

Check out the boardroom here.

The bootstrap period ended on the 31st of December. As expected, we saw a dump of XONE, XFACTORY, and DARKX right after. However, most of the tokens have already recovered completely.

Successful Zapper launch supporting MATIC, DARKX, and XFACTORY

Although devs took some days off, we were able to deliver some new functionality. One of the most important was the zapper function. Investors can easily invest in our liquidity pools using the zapper to earn XFACTORY tokens. Instead of complex swapping and liquidity pool creation, only two clicks are required.

Check out our pools and get started with our zappers supporting MATIC, XFACTORY, or DARKX.

Completed Yield Farming Platform Contracts

Finally, we’re super proud of a milestone: Right at the end of 2022, we completed all required contracts for our upcoming Yield Farming Platform. We developed the platform together with our partner Gaur Finance and are more than excited to get it started.

Besides using some of the most advanced yield farming contracts, the platform contains lending and borrowing functionality as well as leveraging functions. Accordingly, the platform represents a significant pillar of the X3DEFI ecosystem.

What’s planned for the week ahead?

Planning & Roadmap

One of the major milestones we want to accomplish in the first week of the year is to create proper planning for the year to come. As a significant deliverable, we want to create a detailed roadmap and descriptions of our plans for 2023.

Yield Farming dApp

After having finalized the contracts for our Yield Farming Platform, we’ve already started working on the UI. Similar to xFactory, we want to create an entirely new UI. Moreover, since the platform contains various functions (yield farming, lending, borrowing, leveraging, etc.), setting up the UI will require some time and intense development.

Content & Marketing

As discussed in our Telegram channel, we plan to focus on marketing and content creation. Indeed, this will be an ongoing task for the following months. However, we want to kick off the activities at the beginning of the year and constantly intensify our content work. This will contain an extensive amount of blog articles, videos, visuals, marketing funnels, paid ads, and more.

DARKX Staking Contract Completion

And one more thing from the dev kitchen: We have been working on some pretty neat DARKX staking pools. Well, actually, it is much more than a staking pool — but we don’t want to leak too much at this point 🙂

Nevertheless, the plan is to complete the required contracts by the end of the week and set up the needed UI the following week. Get your DARKX ready 🙂

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about X3DEFI, DARKX, XONE, XFACTORY, or the team behind Polygon’s new superpower? Here are some links to get you started or help to get in touch with us:


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