Discover Polygon's New Superpower

DarkX is a token to hold to enter an environment that will bring you exposure to multiple assets and make a profit within Polygon network.

The key to unleashing a unique eco-system

DarkX is a revolutionary token on the Polygon chain. It was designed to power an entire ecosystem consisting of a decentralized exchange, decentralized finance services, NFTs, and gaming. 

Introducing Lending & Leveraging Vaults

xFactory is getting ready for the next step and to introduce ground-breaking lending, borrowing and leveraging vaults! 


Here's What Makes DarkX Unique!

The most powerful token on Polygon

Limited Token Supply

We wanted to make it simple: Just like Bitcoin, the supply of DarkX is limited to 21 Million tokens.

Environment Token

DarkX serves as an environment token of the X3defi eco-system and realizes various use cases.

Unique Benefits

DarkX holders have access to exclusive staking, yield farming and genesis pools.

Community Driven

DarkX is supported by a dedicated and growing community on the Polygon network.


Safety First

We pay the highest attention to quality and safety and plan for further KYC and audit measures.


Amazing Vision

The future is bright! DarkX has a clear roadmap that will constantly add value to the token.


Fueling xFactory's Polygon launch

xFactory is a powerful blockchain platform for investors — with groundbreaking tools and technologies to create sustainable returns as well as a unique user experience. xFactory is currently getting ready to launch on Polygon in November.


Get an overview of DarkX’s basic tokenomics. For more details refer to our extensive documentation.


Farm Staking



We're just getting started!

Here’s an overview of our current roadmap. For more details check our extensive documentation.

Phase 1 — Q4 2022
Token Launch (November 2022)
CoinGecko Listing
CMC Listing
First Tomb Fork Launch
First NFT Launch
Phase 2 — Q1 2023
Dex Launch
Second Tomb Fork
Second NFT Launch (Polygon)
Further Project Collabs
Phase 3 — Q2 2023
NFT Cross-Chain
Game Launch

Get ready to explore the DarkX

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