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Introducing Polygon’s New Superpower

We’re thrilled to introduce DarkX — a unique and powerful token that will launch on the Polygon network. Check out this article to find out some first details and next steps!

Congrats, if you are reading this, you are definitely early! It was just about today, 4th October, when we launched the social media channels of DarkX. And this is our very first blog post about DarkX. The idea of this post is to give you some basic information about DarkX.

In the following weeks, we will reveal more details about DarkX. And we can already tell you it will be huge!!! So grab a cup of tea or coffee and scroll through our first post and all the essential information we put together for you!

What is DarkX?

DarkX is a new crypto token that will launch on the Polygon network. The launch isn’t yet finally decided. However, expect a launch between mid and end of October 2022.

Some more details about DarkX

DarkX will have a supply of 21 million tokens. Based on this figure, you can already get an understanding of the high ambitions we have with DarkX. The token will launch on the Polygon network. In the beginning, we will use MMF or Quickswap as central exchange — however, this isn’t finally decided.

The purpose of DarkX

DarkX is a start base — a token that will power an entire ecosystem of different decentralized finance applications. That means after DarkX’s launch, we will constantly add a new part to the ecosystem that will drive DarkX’s value massively.

Additionally, DarkX holders will get the chance of exclusive staking, yield farming, and genesis pool opportunities. Therefore, the best way is to buy DarkX as soon as it is available and participate in its growth during the next month.


Here are the DarkX tokenomics:

  • 40%: Liquidity
  • 30%: Farm staking
  • 15%: Marketing
  • 15% Team


We are still defining the details of the roadmap. Nevertheless, we want to give you a first overview of what is cooking:

Q4 2022

  • Token Launch (October)
  • CoinGecko & CMC Listing
  • Yield Farming
  • DeFi ecosystem launch
  • DeFi ecosystem expansion

Q1 2023

  • DEX Launch
  • Launchpad

The idea of this blog

We this blog, we plan to document the process. So you won’t need heavy marketing posts but everything about our journey of building a substantial decentralized finance ecosystem on Polygon and beyond.

With every blog post, we will reveal more details and add use cases for investors. So make sure you subscribe to our stories and follow us on social media!

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