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DarkX — Polygon’s New Superpower

DarkX will be so much more than just another token on Polygon. With this blog post, we will share some first insights about the vision and strategy behind DarkX.

DarkX on Polygon — An Ever-Growing Vision

It’s been already more than six months since the team discussed the first ideas about launching a token on Polygon. The entire team behind DarkX had participated in many crypto projects before. However, from the very first meeting, it was clear to everybody that we want to create something extraordinary with DarkX.

Therefore, the ideas evolved quickly from a token project to an entire ecosystem that will become a major pillar of the Polygon network.

The DarkX Pillars

Subsequently, DarkX contains various different aspects and features.

DarkX Token
First of all, there’s the DarkX token. It serves as an environment token that will connect all parts of the DarkX ecosystem. DarkX will have a limited supply of 21 million tokens. On top of that, there will be tons of use cases for its holders: From exclusive genesis pools to staking, and yield farming.

DarkX Exchange
The introduction of the DarkX Dex will be another major milestone that we plan to achieve during the next months. The DarkX Dex will enable further use cases for the token and will serve as the connection between the different projects.

Satellite Projects
One of our main goals is to constantly add additional projects to the DarkX ecosystem. That means that DarkX holders will have the chance to get into collaboration projects very early or exclusively. Moreover, satellite projects will add more use cases to the DarkX Dex.

Dark Crystal as Launching Project

As one of the first projects, we are thrilled to add Dark Crystal to the DarkX ecosystem. Dark Crystal is an algorithmic token project that has been performing extremely well on the Cronos network during the last few months. In fact, it is one of the rare tomb forks that managed to survive the bear market without losing too much value.

As the next step, Dark Crystal plans to expand its platform to Polygon. And that’s where DarkX comes in. Dark Crystal will be the first satellite project as described above.

Fully Packed Roadmap

Besides the above-mentioned aspects, such as dex and satellite projects, DarkX has many plans to build during the next few months. In this context, we are discussing several use cases, such as GameFi, cross-network expansion, or NFTs.

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