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Question & Answer Session — MATIC News

On 12th November 2022, we joined MATIC News for an AMA about our ecosystem and the upcoming launch of DARKX. This blog post contains the Q&A session after the official AMA with questions from the audience. In case you want to read through the AMA session, you can follow this link.

Question: What are we to expect soon after the launch on 14th Nov and how would you ensure its success?

Answer: After the 14th we are looking to have  the tomb fork up and running by the 27th of November we have a very low tax to build liquidity pools so the chart keeps growing healthy as more holders enter with a nice allocation towards darkx for the genesis to start

Question: As you said that the introduction of DarkX Dex will be another major milestone that you guys plan to achieve over the next few months. So can you tell us your plans for the DarkX Dex use case? Can you share more information about how DarkX Dex can solve a problem or difficulty in the Exchange industry?

Answer: dark dex we plan to have volume growing instantly from the help of our tomb fork and when defi grows as a whole on polygon and more launches accure daily projects that look for wl we will be asking for them to lock their lp into a node instead of a token locker to ensure their investors have a safer positioning when buying a newly launched token   we are also exploring the idea of bringing back ido as pcs and bakery swap would host in the past

Question: What are the primary problems DarkX wishes to address in the Cryptoworld?

Answer: In gamefi we see many end up dying due to lack of engagement which everyone wants to win prizes etc with there hard earned  NFTs we will be assisting others in boosting their game prizes with our partnership to utilize their funds to the max so they can help there project out to there best potential as well we aim to get irl automated companies to bring an inflow of outside revenue for our ecosystem.

Question: Is there any buyback and burn for DarkX?

Answer: We will be using nodes to lock up darkx and buybacks will occur randomly we do expect to have one before we launch a lot of utility for lp.

Question: I have tried various DeFi protocols but I am not satisfied with the income I can collect from these protocols, What is the solution from the X3 DeFi Team for the issue that many DeFi protocol users often feel about the lack of income received by users?

Answer: Yes we anticipate starting darkx with more single stake pools incentives so when it has “mooned” or has nice legs in the chart we will start focusing a lot on growing the liquidity to ensure investors keep their portfolio position so they can farm various ways without a worry of liquidity we will have stable earnings on the dex so holders can earn from farms as well our passive income NFTs that generate from trading.

Question: I noticed that DarkX has Satellite and Dark Crystal programs as Launch Projects, correct? If so, what is the difference between the functions of the two programs for DarkX Dex which can be seeded? And can you explain in simple terms what made you and your team realize to expand the DarkX Dex platform to Polygon?

Answer: We were anticipating a partnership with dark crystal but it is out of there roadmap to enter polygon currently so that will be discussed in the future are you referring to the difference between what darkx will do and the dex.

Question: To become the new Super Power Platform, What is the big problem X3defi wants to solve in the crypto space?
Answer: A lot of projects have issues with creating volume outside of there project or bringing in “fresh money”  into the ecosystem we are looking into automated partners as well have some unique ideas for NFTs in the future that will tie in irl exposure.

Question: Apart from the aspects mentioned above, such as the dex and satellite projects, could you please tell us your plans for building DarkX over the next few months? In this context, could you cover some use cases, such as GameFi, cross-network expansion, or NFT DarkX?

Answer: Yes we plan on having our own nNFTft game with a downloadable app in late 2023  next few months you will see our passive income NFT launched coming forth with our tomb fork and dex coming along right after.

Question: Security development, Aspects to look out for, How will the team build X3defi security? Does the team have a good plan in place to deal with exploit and hack risks?

Answer: Most hacks we have seen recently have been exploits like different wallets sharing the same keystore we will have different keystores for each wallet and there are some hacks that aren’t within our reach that we will communicate with the community to the best of our capabilities to avoid phishing.

Question: I can see on your bio that you’re a tomb chaser. So what has brought you to start this on polygon where defi hasn’t been alive for a pretty long time? We’ve seen MFF doing it but they had a name so it was easier for them.

Answer: I am on polygon due to the intelligence and what Matic network delivers as a whole I am also expecting a bull run in l2 networks especially Matic which has insanely cheap txn fees mmf I give much respect to and their achievements in 2022 but our visions for darkx is much different and looking to be the hub of Polygon when it comes to defi.

Question: Based on the X3defi Blog claims “The entire team behind X3defi had participated in many crypto projects before.” Can you introduce your team and their job divisions? What extraordinary things will X3defi be able to do?

Answer: d3xcal has recently worked for dark crystal for communications and ben has run marketing for multiple projects before crypto and has well been a part + run his own projects on crypto.

Question: What relationship does One factory, XONE have with DarkX?

Answer: xfactory and xone are the tomb fork tokens you will be able to farm both with darkx and in the future, they will have separate roles in the ecosystem but still intervene and use both darkx and xone

Question: From the X3defi website, I found information that the supply of X3defi tokens is only 21 million Like Bitcoin. In general, many platforms have a supply of hundreds of millions of tokens and billions of tokens. Then what are the expectations of the X3defi team that determine the supply of 21 million tokens? Does the team have a compelling reason for that?

Answer: Yes keeping the supply to a generous number of tokens so when we lock in irl partners and more tokens are distributed to partners that are endorsing darkx heavily each token will become a lot more valuable which we will have use cases within defi and irl benefits that will cause more reasons to have people to want to hold darkx.

Question: From the Gitbook I’ve read, X3defi, XFactory is one of DarkX’s products that is planned to go live. On November 28, there will be a Xone Token which will be pegged to Matic with an algorithm mechanism. Does the team already have a risk prevention strategy for the Depegged algorithm mechanism as experienced by UST?

Answer: Yes tomb fork is a bit different than stablecoin backed which is why we are pairing and pegging to Matic at first and we have plans to start multi peg asap after our dex so we can start opening another genesis so our treasury gains more exposure to other blue chip tokens and more prominent stablecoins like USDC.

Question: Why did you choose to launch on Polygon and not other networks and do you plan to be on multiple networks?

Answer: We choose polygon as it is proven to be a very strong network and has reputable names like Instagram, opensea and a lot more joining Matic network with defi space still being very fresh I anticipate daily launches soon and hope to attract more long-term projects to join our x3defi ecosystem.

Question: Will you launch in presale as phenix or fair launch? How to build liquidity?

Answer: We are launching a fair launch as we believe that’s what makes the chart the most attractive for new users looking for entry swing traders as well diamond holders we plan to have a small tax until genesis starts for the tomb fork so we can slowly build liquidity with the tax and planning to do a buyback before we start adding lp at a fast rate with use cases to make lp to enter certain farms.

Question: X3defi has a goal to become a SuperPower Platform in the Polygon chain, then, as a first step, has the team thought of a partnership strategy? And, Does the team already have an agreement with investors to get strong funding?

Answer: Yes we are looking to make wl with our dex by creating nodes with our dex to get a wl on our dex creating guaranteed liquidity we are hoping to show a positive impact and others want to do the same and for our partnerships, our first NFT partnerships like the idea of our agreement and we have discussions to continue further with irl partnerships.

Question: I heard that one of the DeFi platforms that X3defi will launch will have a token pegged to Matic, Can you explain the mechanism used to maintain the token pegged to Matic? Will the Mechanism be safe from the risk of Depegged?

Answer: Yes having the dex launch and multipeg running is critical and our main focus is to start guaranteeing our tomb fork.

Question: The X3Defi website claims to offer unique benefits. Can you clarify what unique benefits you offer? How many unique benefits do you offer?

Answer: At first we are offering a learning academy for darkx holders but as well we have irl partnerships to seek benefits for our holders as well getting discounts with future partner NFTs.

Question: From the Twitter post X3Defi will launch DeFi Plarform with a token pegged to Matic, Why did you choose pegged to Matic? Why not Stablecoins? What is your strong reason?

Answer: USDC is the only stablecoin I would consider but right now we are looking for our ecosystem to capitalize on a strong blue chip like Matic token gas the token used for gas on the network I expect an overflow of projects to enter the space.

Question: What is the main purpose to releases Dark Crystal as one of  satellite project of DarKX on Cronos Chain first, and what will be the next?

Answer: dark crystal as I mentioned above is not planning to cross-chain at the moment but when they’re ready we have plans for them or any project to enter our ecosystem.

Question: From X3Defi blog saying “Polygon’s New Superpower”, Tell us sir, What is X3Defi best provision to reach that level? Can you tell us the fundamental values ​​of X3Defi?

Answer: x3defi native token being darkx will be exposed to many different playing fields in the defi space we are going to have the supply spread across our network making its supply short out very quickly with deflation mechanisms like nodes which we will have early on hopefully with our tomb fork!

Question: X3Defi goal is to become the new super power in polygons, why did you choose polygons? Aren’t you interested in becoming a force in other chains like BSC or Tron?

Answer: BSC is really hard to make an ecosystem polygon that is still developing leaving a bit more breathing space for natural growth and investors to see the potential in the project than getting blind side on the unnatural and from degens flocking around and Tron was my first network years ago kudos to justin sun but polygon has a lot more educated investors!

Question: Will there be any form of Metaverse integration for DarkX?

Answer: I am hoping to integrate our game app with otherside NFT land as long everything goes well with bayc as well of course.

Question: Was you that you had before a project in cronos?

Answer: d3xcal and ben worked on cronos projects  d3xcal was a communication manager for a long time going I was a marketer for crofomo on cronos but i was left in the dust alone with no dev control of contracts etc. Now I am on a polygon with a superbly amazing team put together and couldn’t be happier with who is with me on this adventure.

Question: How much is initial liquidity?

Answer: Liquidity will start day 1 with 3k$+ liquidity with more being added during the launch of tomb fork to ensure liquidity gets a lot thicker after the chart has seen some appreciation

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