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How To Make Money With (AI-Driven) Trading Bots!

The X3DEFI project, a DeFi project built on the Polygon network, is focused on creating real-world use cases and generating revenue beyond the crypto space. One of their key goals is to develop utilities that showcase the capabilities of decentralized finance. In line with this goal, the X3DEFI team has been working on an automated trading bot based on the latest ChatGPT AI technology. This will be one of the first trading bots in the DeFi space that leverages ChatGPT AI.

Background about the trading bot

The trading bot is a Python-based bot that runs on TradingView. It combines fundamental TradingView indicators with ChatGPT input to maximize profits. The team has conducted extensive backtesting and has generated positive results with more than 10,000% returns in the 1-hour timeframe. While past results do not guarantee future performance, the team is confident that the bot will perform well in live trading conditions.

To start with, the bot will trade BTC in the 15-minute and 1-hour timeframe, with an initial investment of $1,000 and 2x leverage. The team has an extensive roadmap for the bot and plans to continually improve and adjust it to maximize profits. This includes fine-tuning the configuration and incorporating ChatGPT for other timeframes and tokens.

How to make money with the AI-driven trading bot

Investors can use the trading bot through different investment approaches that are tailored to varying levels of risk. The three investment approaches are as follows:

  1. Stake DARKX: Investors can buy DARKX, the core token of the X3DEFI project, and stake it in the DARKX Diamond Vault. 10% of the bot’s earnings are added to the Diamond Vault every day and distributed among staked assets. The longer you stake, the higher your earnings will grow. There is no trading risk involved, and investors have complete control over their assets.
  2. The X3DEFI NFT from Collection: X3DEFI will launch a limited NFT collection on February 22nd, which contains 100 NFTs and can be minted for 100 MATIC. The team will assign 10% of the bot’s daily earnings to the NFT holders, distributed with a weekly airdrop. No staking is required, and investors only need to buy and hold the NFT. Earnings can be higher since the maximum amount of holders is limited to 100, and minting revenues are used to top up the trading account.
  3. Direct Investment: Investors can invest directly in the bot using MATIC, with a minimum investment of 50 MATIC. The investment will be added to the trading wallet, and in return, 50% of the bot’s earnings will be distributed according to the share of the direct investment. Investors can withdraw earnings and invested assets at any time, but this approach represents the highest risk as investors can lose their investment if the bot generates negative results.

The team plans to distribute earnings from the bot in the following manner: 50% to direct investors, 10% to NFT holders, 10% to the DARKX Diamond Vault, and 25% will be reinvested in the bot. A 5% processing fee will also be charged.

Making money with AI-driven trading bot — A summary

In summary, X3DEFI is set to launch an automated trading bot that leverages ChatGPT AI, providing investors with multiple investment options ranging from low-risk staking to high-risk direct investment. The X3DEFI team has already conducted extensive backtesting on the bot and has generated positive results. Investors have complete control over their assets and can withdraw their earnings and invested assets at any time. The X3DEFI team has an extensive roadmap to continually improve and adjust the bot to maximize profits.

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