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X3DEFI Launches Revolutionary ChatGPT Trading Bot — Maximize Your Profits with AI!

X3DEFI has done it again, breaking new ground in the DeFi space with the launch of an automated trading bot system that harnesses the power of AI to maximize profits. The ChatGPT Trading Bot is an innovative solution that combines TradingView indicators with cutting-edge AI technology to deliver impressive returns. In this article, we provide a complete overview of this groundbreaking functionality and all the details you need to invest in this exciting opportunity.

The Trading Bot 🤖

Our Python-based trading bot runs on TradingView and combines advanced TradingView indicators with ChatGPT input to deliver outstanding results. We conducted extensive backtesting, which demonstrated a fantastic return of over 10,000% in the 1-hour timeframe. While past performance does not guarantee future results, all our test runs created positive returns.

The bot was initially equipped with $1,000 and used 2x leverage to ensure a high level of safety in terms of liquidation. The bot traded BTC in the 15-minute and 1-hour timeframe. We continuously optimized and adjusted the bot to maximize profits, including fine-tuning the configuration and the usage of ChatGPT. Moreover, we are working on adjusting the bot to other timeframes and tokens.

Investment Approaches 📘

We wanted to create an investment environment that provides different opportunities based on the investor’s risk level. Therefore, we developed three investment approaches.

  1. Stake DARKX in Diamond Vaults (Low risk / low reward) Staking DARKX in the DARKX Diamond Vault is the easiest way to earn profits from the ChatGPT Trading Bot. Every day, 10% of the bot’s earnings are added to the Diamond Vault and distributed among the staked assets. As you stake for longer periods, your earnings grow.
  2. Buy X3DEFI NFT from the Upcoming Collection (Medium risk / medium reward) X3DEFI’s limited NFT collection contains 100 NFTs that can be minted at the price of 100 MATIC. Minted NFTs can be staked in a dedicated pool, and 10% of the bot’s daily earnings will be assigned to the pool and distributed among holders. Since the maximum amount of holders is limited to 100, earnings could be higher than staking DARKX. Here’s the link to mint your NFT.
  3. Direct Investment (High risk / high reward) Direct investment allows you to invest and receive potential earnings. Initially, the investment is made using MATIC, and the minimum investment is 50 MATIC. In return, 50% of the bot’s earnings will be distributed according to the share of the direct investment.

Bot Earnings Overview 💰

50% Distributed to direct investors 10% NFT staking 10% DARKX Diamond Vault (DARKX Buybacks) 25% Re-Invest 5% Processing Fee

Outlook 🔮

After the successful launch, we plan to expand our bot trading system to other chains, add additional coins, and constantly optimize and fine-tune the bot to ensure the best possible results.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to maximize your profits with the ChatGPT Trading Bot. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s revolutionize the DeFi space together!

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